Friday, September 17, 2004

CIMB function...

Just got back from Mandarin Oriental, as I did a function with the I Have Dreamed band. The performance was pretty much half of what we did in the actual show. The performance was nice, very fun... as it so, to play with these guys again. The crowd, however, was not particularly interested. Out of the 80 or so tables, only few stayed to watch, including the VIP table where the Deputy PM Najib was present. The rest went to the reception area to mingle and smoke or whatever. So the claps that we got was just short of pathetic. But there were still people who enjoyed the show. I didn't give a rat's ass of the audience, as I was having fun just playing with the band, with Sean Ghazi, Aura, and Izlyn singing.

We got day rooms to use, so that was nice.. could relax before and after the show. And I ate a lot today.. sorta carbo loading for this Saturday's race. I had a light snack after soundcheck (that's around 4 something). Then walked around KLCC a bit to do some shopping to buy some necessary items (like the latest Runner's World - got nice cover of a chick.. young triathlete), and some stuff for the race, like sunblock. Then went to the hotel coffee house to eat a little bit more (their mushroom soup is great).. had mushroom soup, vietnamese spring roll (which i ta-pau-ed cos i couldn't finish) and a yogurt desert. After the show, I ate a little more of the buffet food from the dinner function.. ahahaha.. I'm gonna burn it all at the 21K race, anyway.

Well, so much for now, won't be posting until I get back from Desaru. Have a good weekend to those who're reading this.. and wish me luck for the 21K. Good luck for the PJ Half Marathon participants!!

Next up: Desaru Triathlon 21K....

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