Thursday, September 30, 2004

Lousy day

I lost my SPANKING BRAND NEW stylus yesterday... AGAIN! Shit! I can't believe it. I bought the damn thing on Tuesday and I f-king lost it... CRAP! CRAP! CRAP! Looks like I have to go and buy another one.. shit, man.. cost me RM40 a pop!

So yesterday afternoon (Wed), I went to KLCC, thinking I could fit a run in. Before that I had to meet a client to pass a demo CD, and by the time I did that, bought some iso drinks, it was past 1830, and it was drizzling. Met Jamie, Rohaizad, and Kenneth who just finished their run. Also met Tey, from Azwar's
website. Ended up not running also, so I thought, "what the heck.. go to Isetan to see got any nice running gear while they're having their sale". Went there, found that there was nothing worth buying.. celakak. I was told that Asics running vests and shorts could be found half price, but Isetan weren't carrying any Asics stuff (other than the shoes). Crap.. then decided to try out Parkson.. it was their 17th Anniversary Sale... and taa daaaa... the Asics stuff was there! Misinformation. The Asics 50% off stuff is at PARKSON and NOT Isetan! Runners who like Asics stuff.. take note! But I only bought one pair, and the other pair of Asics running gear combo was from their new shipment, very nice. The cheap sale pair was a blood red-white stripe color, and the new pair was Orange with some cool lightning streaks on the side! Ehhehee... at least something came out from today.

Other crappy stuff:

1. There's only ONE freakin' electronic shop that sells PDAs, notebooks, etc, and they don't have stock of the stylus for XDA II.

2. My only foreign sax student (I get paid RM100 an hour, okay???) says he's got a sax teacher from UK in his school now, so my services are not needed anymore. Well, this might not be so bad, I can spend more time practicing my horn, or running! Or even going to the gym. Although I'll be rm100 poorer every week now.

3. This is yesterday's news (literally), but my NB black shorts I got from Albert's in BB Plaza can't fit me. And it was an XL.. shiteee.. not that I've grown bigger, but they were made smaller. Locally made NB stuff tends to be smaller... discrimination! The new NB singlet I bought was an L-size, but it was imported from US. And that one fitted like an XL, very nice. Anyway, I sms-ed Albert, and he said I could bring it back and exchange it for something else.. yippeeee...

Any other crappy stuff today..?? No more la... that's it for now..

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